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Abstract (English):
The article describes the concept of network etiquette, or virtual communication etiquette, as a special type of communication carried out with the help of technical means. The research objective was to characterize netiquette and its basic rules. The review includes domestic and foreign publications on the theory of communication and speech etiquette. The list of methods includes general scientific methods of description, analysis, categorization, classification, and comparison, as well as some elements of interpretive stylistic analysis. Politeness is the main principle of netiquette: it serves as a regulator of communicative behavior. Polite online behavior includes greetings and addresses by name; a ban on excessive emoticons, insults, and profanity; abuse of abbreviations; compliance with the basic punctuation rules; personal signature, etc. Netiquette also follows the rules of communication established by a particular network resource or platform.

etiquette, virtual communication, the principle of politeness, social media, rules of speech behavior
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